Business leaders, wherever they are – in blue-chip industries, public bodies, governments, NGOs and charities – are under ever-increasing pressure to improve performance. Shareholders and paymasters, boards of directors and the C-suite, customers and clients – all seek higher levels of efficiency to reduce costs and increase profits and effectiveness.

The traditional response has always been to make cuts – cuts in budgets, people, spaces – most often leading to yet another office reorganisation that doesn’t quite achieve what was intended.

The insights behind those workplace changes have tended not to shift beyond hoping that tinkering around the margins will be enough. Usually building-centric, they don’t take account of the huge change that has taken place in the way people work. The digital world has brought people closer together, and made them more available, wherever they are in the world and round the clock in every time zone. The world of work, particularly big business, has been slow to respond. The result is costly headquarters, often in expensive major cities, that are inefficient in every respect – designed and built for an out of date work model into which businesses and their people struggle to fit, and bringing ever-increasing costs. Some efficiencies are introduced and some savings are squeezed out but, broadly speaking, the business ticks along much as it did before. A few years later, the cycle repeats itself.

What if the problem had been looked at from a different perspective? What if the shift had been from managing cost centres to driving productivity, from calculating square feet to creating a lean and agile workspace, from switching between office styles to building a flexible workforce? The answer, in brief, is to realign your two most important assets - people and place.

That’s where we come in – as bridge builders, specialists in place-making and regeneration – guiding business leaders into the difficult and complex world where significant change in the workplace is the only way to achieve significant change in the business. We will help you extract value from your workplaces and your people so you extract value from your business, by balancing the needs and demands of the three key influencers of workplaces:

  • providers – investors and developers requiring a swift and high return
  • consumers – the corporate tenant seeking value for money
  • occupiers – the office worker who, in the technologically and socially aware 21st century, is pushing for change.


We bring a unique perspective to workplace decision-making that is very different from the general management consulting approach. We deliver organisational transformation using new working spaces as a catalyst for change – change that maximises business performance and improves working lives. We do that by applying our smart value formula: E + E = V - efficiency plus effectiveness equals value - real business value, value that is derived from and achieves greater collaboration, creativity, engagement, functionality, innovation, morale and, most of all, productivity.

We work with each organisation to shape the proposition, to avoid pitfalls and to support the internal team to make the best decisions. Working as trusted advisors, we bring an objective professional approach with no vested interests and a passionate desire to secure a great outcome for the business and its people.

We create better workplaces and improve workplace cultures, nurturing and instilling a fresh mindset throughout your organisation,and we do this by:

  • working with ambitious leaders to drive radical changes in culture and behaviour, developing the organisation’s real estate and workplace strategy
  • engaging with people at all levels, gaining trust and building enthusiasm for change
  • supporting workplace functions, optimising or re-structuring to implement an organisation’s overall business strategy.

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