Today’s workplace strategy must be more than a tool to improve efficiency and thereby reduce property costs. It must drive value for the whole business, creating a physical workplace that enables the next generation workforce to work in an agile and productive way. It must reflect changes that have already been embedded in our personal lives – such as the use of technology and the need to work flexibly – so that an organisation’s people can be more fully engaged, productive ambassadors for the business.

Although this proposition might seem challenging, it is not revolutionary. The UK’s leading workplace architect Frank Duffy has promulgated it for over three decades. Charles Handy, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most influential management thinkers and organisational behaviour specialists, has written and spoken about it for four decades.

The world of work has been slow to embrace change. Now, leaders of the UK’s foremost businesses and organisations recognise the need to catch up.

The first step is to recognise the need for a different approach to solving these 21st century workplace problems. Ours is a unique advisory service that unlocks the real value of spaces and places, maximising business performance and improving working lives. We make the most of the value that a client’s property, people and technology represent, reflecting the changing nature of the way people live and the way they want to work. Experts at place-making and, where appropriate, regeneration, we:

  • turn liabilities into assets
  • create shareholder value
  • deliver the spaces in which people can do their very best work
  • support employee health and wellbeing
  • assist employers in attracting and retaining the best people, and
  • deliver workplaces and working practices that reduce the environmental impacts of doing business.

Depending on the brief, we build a team with the range of capabilities the client needs from these core business services:


interpreting your business aims, instigating ideas for change, integrating decisions to create the changes your business needs.


engaging people in discussions, eliciting ideas and concerns, encouraging enthusiasm for a new working culture.


inspiring leadership, increasing confidence, initiating new thinking to build strong boards of directors and well-respected C-suites.


challenging old thinking, commenting on new opportunities, changing opinion to achieve organisational transformation.

We do not offer general management consulting, broking,
valuation, space-planning, or design services.